A reporter once asked Joan Didion if she used her good silverware every day.”
“Every day is all we have.” she replied.

I knew early on that I was headed for a career in some form of the arts. I felt that art and beauty are food for the soul, but which art form would be the most usable? 

I became fascinated with home design and how to create it, because it’s the only art form that feeds the soul in a personal AND practical every-day-kind-of-way.

To that end, I’ve been on a mission to educate myself for most of my life.

  • I attended a city college, a fancy art academy and a technical institute for design. I loved all of it, did well and graduated (eventually) with honors.
  • I was lucky enough to meet and assist a few truly gifted designers along the way. It doesn’t get better than to learn from the best.
  • I’ve and traveled to far away places and attended countless art exhibits and home shows to see great design for myself. And I’ve traveled by imagination through countless design  books and magazines.

I’ve been shown by example, what good design looks like vs. no design at all.

I have seen that there is magic in the logic of design…

I have learned that great design has a logical framework that, once understood, will help you crack the otherwise mysterious “home design code”. 

Once “cracked”,  you will see that there are easy-to-execute sets of home design principles that will apply to any style of decor or size of budget.

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