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What Can You Do For Me?

All great collaborations start with a conversation…

First, we define the big picture.
We discuss problems/solutions, ideas and inspiration for now, later and eventually.

Some sort of magical alchemy happens when we start to bounce ideas back and forth.  You’ll develop a great deal more clarity and direction in the course of describing what you want and need, as I lob back ideas and solutions, along with suggestions to make those initial ideas work even better.

Most importantly, I can help you put it all together to create a coordinated and considered look in any area of your home.

I specialize in color consultations.
No more agonizing and asking everyone from the contractor to the mailman what color you should paint. I’ll help you define colors you would love to live with and  coordinate those into the overall grand scheme of your home.

Will you be moving soon?
Staging your home for sale is one the smartest thing you can do for a quick sale. This is “House Beautiful” from a different vantage point. The key is to make your home “anonymously beautiful” so your prospective buyer can easily imaging themselves in this attractively design space.

I can handle this for you from start to finish.
Or we can simply have a targeted discussion where we discuss the areas of concern and how to get the most impact for the least amount of time and money invested.

So, what is this going to cost me?

The design consultation service is designed to be flexible….

The fee structure is by the hour with no minimum hourly requirement.

You choose how much service you want/need.
We’ll discuss next steps on any part of your project. Then we clarify whether I’ll proceed on your behalf, collaborate with you or if you want to carry on solo.

In any case, you save time and money.
My resources and trade discounts are yours. I know how and where to get the best prices for your prospective purchases. I know short cuts and who does what, where, and for how much. You’ll be able to do whatever you want and get whatever you need for your home project.

What might these options look like?

Some clients organize their priorities into a targeted list. All they might need is a 30 minute discussion to answer the “How To Do This” questions and/or verify their choices.

Other clients have big projects. They want help not only in developing an organized design scheme but also someone experienced to shop and produce the project.

In this case, blocks of time (by the hour) would be purchased in advance. The size of the time block depends of the size of the project.

Sound good?

Cindy Bergersen at the Kips Bay Showhouse, 2019

Would you like to know more?

Call/text me and share your home design dilemmas.
Ask your most pressing questions and we’ll talk about solutions free of charge.

Call/text  212-242-0140
220 W. 24th St., New York, NY  10011