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is this you?

You’d love to talk to a designer…but you don’t want to spend a fortune just to solve a few decorating problems.

You want to paint...but don’t know how to select colors you love that are also fool-proof.

Your home needs an overhaul but you feel overwhelmed; you don’t know what’s most important or what to do first.

You need new furniture…but your concern is that  “reasonably priced high quality ” is an oxymoron.

You’re happy with the furnishing you already have…but you would love to know how to locate them to better advantage.


Home is where the heart is…

I work with busy people like you, who want their homes pulled together to look great and be comfortable.

They know what they like but don’t have time or know where to start.

What separates my service from other designers is that I understand how to use the logic of design with any style or no style at all.

It’s not about my style, but your style defined and made even better.

In short, I can help you, help yourself to a beautiful home.

By the hour…no required service commitment….


Would you like to know more?

Share your home design dilemmas with me and ask your most pressing questions. We’ll talk about first steps and solutions free of charge.

Call/text  212-242-0140
220 W. 24th St., New York, NY  10011