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color consultation


Have you found so confusing/overwhelming to pick a paint color that you just defaulted to white?

Or have you been asking everyone (your neighbors, your contractor, even the grocery delivery guy) for their opinion on this shade or that tint?

When it comes to home design, as well as maintenance, it’s a given that a fresh coat of paint does wonders to give a new lease on looks in the most cost effective way possible.

Still we hesitate to repaint our rooms, in spite of the “everyday living soot” that has obscured the original color.


Because we know from experience that even if painters are hired to do the deed for you, painting even just one room can be a life disrupting hassle, bracketed by questions and indecision.

What color?
What color goes where?
Which finish?
And even, which paint: Does it pay to splurge on premium brands?

Wouldn’t it be great to have an experienced colorist help you select perfect and perfectly beautiful shades of colors you will love to live with? Colors that also compliment your furnishings and the overall grand scheme of your home?

Let’s collaborate on your wall color selection…

In the meantime, here is a good place to start to organize your thoughts on this confounding topic:  Guide To Painting Your Home
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