Here’s what my clients say…

It all started with 4 pillows: Custom made pillows with monkeys and palm trees that had been in my parents’ house for years and were now mine. What would then transpire was a brand new living room all built off the color and style of those pillows. Cindy immediately got my vision and was able to easily build out a look that we both loved and was fun to create. I am not good at starting things from scratch. I am a much better editor of things and saying yes or no to things I like or don’t like. Cindy was a great balance to that as she would serve up ideas for me to react to every step of the way. She immediately got my aesthetic and was able to work with a few pieces of furniture I wanted to keep and my love of travel (and lots of collectibles on those years of travel) while incorporating them all into the new look. She also has a great way of balancing out high end expensive signature pieces with less expensive pieces that fit in perfectly in the new living/dining area. 

As for the kitchen, I left that in her hands completely; picking out great tile and countertops that worked with my existing cabinets. Her relationships with key vendors in the tile and countertop business was a great asset both financially and service wise when there was an error in the tiles that were made and delivered. She also has a great eye for how to tie all the rooms together and provide fun ways to add personal touches like photos from my world travels to using light color paper in a glass cabinet to better showcase the items and make it look like the wall color behind the cabinet. No one would know it was just high end paper applied to the back of the shelf! She is always thinking about the details. 

Cindy was a great partner in this renovation and if and when I were to get a new apartment, I would work with her again to see what else we can create together. ” – Moira D., New York, NY

“It was great working with her. She is so passionate about what she does. Cindy is talented and knows how to use color and make beautiful vignettes. She has a true sense of style, and along with a great sense of space, she can reposition what you have and really pull a room together. She’s timely, efficient and good about follow-up. Cindy worked with me in partnership from start to finish. I had a sense of freedom in working with her, and she didn’t impinge on what I wanted to do. I felt I was part of the process.” – Patti M., Hoboken, NJ

“Fantastic. She’s knowledgeable and worked hard. She listened, tuned in to what I wanted and was open to suggestion. She understood my budget and made it work for a fair price. It was a very positive experience – Bryan M., New York, NY

I had bought a new apartment and was desperate for some help. I’m very busy at work and I know what I like. Cindy helped me develop my ideas and was able to organize everything, painting, lighting and window treatments on a tight budget. Over time, Cindy has had many more suggestions and has helped make my apartment into a real home. There is no need to be intimidated with Cindy. You get just the kind of assistance you need. – Alison K., New York, NY

My wife and I just bought a house and didn’t know where to start to organize what we have with painting fresh colors and purchasing new rugs in the new place. Cindy was really easy to talk to about design, quick to visualize what we needed and explained in lay-man’s terms a way to organize and incorporate professional design tips with our personal taste. The results from just one consultation were that my questions were answered and I came away with a clear sense of direction, so my wife and I could proceed with confidence. Mike G., Short Hills, NJ

“When I wanted to redecorate my apartment, which is not too large, or, as some might say, “cozy,” I turned to Cindy to help make it seem bigger. She immediately saw ways to make the furniture fit better, and which to throw out and replace, gently guiding me to let go of cherished belongings that I had no business cherishing. She also went beyond that into an innovative color scheme and new tiling in the kitchen and the bathroom. My apartment now looks like its inhabitant cares about how he lives.” Franklin M., New York, NY

“Our employee lunchroom was dirty looking, dysfunctional and depressing.  Cindy was spot-on turning the room into a functional livable space and the job was done on time and on budget. Everything came to about $5,000 which is probably a fifth of what we would have spent using a  full service decorator. Cindy was extremely prompt and responsive; we look forward to having her re-decorate the rest of our office.” – Ivan C., New York, NY

“We were embarking upon the biggest project that we had ever faced…a complete redesign and renovation of our home. It was overwhelming, and we had no idea where to start.  Cindy came to the rescue!  She was calm and reassuring, and walked us through step by step.  The scariest part for us was choosing a color scheme and theme for the house, and then making a plan.  We worked with Cindy to explore the “story” that we wanted to tell; the way in which we wanted people to feel when they entered our home.  From there, it fell into place. Cindy helped us choose the colors, design the layout, and create a cohesive feel for our home. 
In addition, she gave us the confidence to find our own “creative selves” — and have the courage to have fun decorating our new space.   Even now that we’re done, we still reach out to bounce around ideas, and get alternative suggestions.  Cindy is truly a talented partner! She has the ability to read her clients — understand their fears, emotions, and sensitivities — and then bring them along in the process at a pace that’s comfortable and non-threatening.  The end result is extraordinary and rewarding!”  – Lori and Paul G., Livingston, NJ

“Three words to describe Cindy: Patient, delightful, inspiring, and innovative (ok, that’s four). A home should be a safe haven, a retreat from the noise and intensity of the city. Oddly enough, I never utilized my apartment that way. To me, it was utilitarian; a place where I slept and ate. I never realized how much I avoided spending time there until I began working with Cindy, and started learning how to add warmth to my space, and ultimately, how to relax and unwind.
At our first appointment, she arrived with enthusiasm and patience. Change is hard for me; even the idea of modifying my apartment causes shivers up and down my spine, and freezes me with terror. Fortunately, clients of my type are her specialty. With her gentle and encouraging demeanor, she  wove her way through my apartment, making sketches, taking measurements, and asking my opinion on subjects ranging from color and texture, to film and theater. The first 5 minutes in my apartment, she suggested two simple improvements that made a world of difference, and opened me up to the more significant changes she would later propose.
It’s funny how you can get used to being uncomfortable. Now that my apartment has been transformed, I can’t even imagine going back to the way it was before. Thank you Cindy for changing my life and helping me expand my world!” – Krista K., New York, NY

We moved from a three room apartment to a 10 room house and were clueless as to how to begin. Even the simplest things we found difficult: like should we choose the wall color or the carpet first. Cindy spent time early on getting to know us. We laid out the ground rules and the budget.  She knows what to weed out. When she comes back from a shopping trip, we know we will see 5-15 recommendations, all of which will work well. We have a relationship with Cindy. She understands who we are and goes the extra step to create a great environment. It’s a piece by piece approach. She’s not a “showy” decorator. The end result was exactly what we were looking for: a home that is gracious and comfortable and is durable with the kids. She makes our life easier. We don’t have to start from scratch. We have and will continue to recommend Cindy to our friends. -Roger and Sarah S., Upper Montclair, NJ

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